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Notebook with a sticky note of a cute character waving

 Jenn    Padilla

UX Designer

Past animator turned UX designer after creating a wacky Animal Crossing murder mystery game with my brother. (:  As a creator and gamer, it's my goal that players enjoy the developer's vision. 

Case Studies

AC: New Murder

Live Fan Game

Timeline: 2020-2022

Summary: Through playtesting, I ensured that AC: New Murder was enjoyed by the 2500+ players who picked up the game. The 60+ fan letters we've received are proof of the success of my methods.

 Released Video Game   Playtesting   Flowcharts   Team of 2 


Roles: Game/UX Designer, Director, Artist

Training Buddy

Conceptual Mobile Game

Timeline: Sept - Oct 2023

Summary: From user research to wireframes, I designed a fitness-focused virtual pet mobile game as a response to people who wish to exercise more but lack the motivation or direction.

 User Research   Wireframes   School Project   Core Loop 

Floating Shapes_edited.jpg

Roles: UX Designer, UI Designer

Comfort Games

Research of Player Behavior and Preferences

Timeline: Sept - Dec 2023

Summary: A deep dive into the concept of comfort games. Through user research, I answer questions about what a comfort game is, what makes a comfort game, and how to evaluate comfort game potential.

 User Research   Quantitative   Personal Inquiry   A really cool topic 


Roles: UX Researcher

Wireframe Exercise

Redesigned UI of a Beloved Game

Timeline: Dec 2023

Summary: I take one of my favorite games, Pikmin 2, and update its HUD and menus through wireframes.


 Wireframes   Conceptual 

Gray Tiles

Roles: UI Designer, UX Designer

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